It is a formula developed by Bahnsa as a cleaner for ground and aerial spray tanks. Its objective is to inactivate the remains of phytosanitary products to eliminate contamination risks.


Partial or total phytosanitary activator and degrader: Ligier Clean interacts with the remains of phytosanitary products present and modifies them in their physical-chemical characteristics, reducing or eliminating their biological action, to a greater extent than herbicides.

Descaling and remover of phytosanitary residues: Ligier Clean has a great capacity to remove residues present in sprayers.

Emulsifier and dispersant: Ligier Clean due to its great solvent capacity allows emulsifying and dispersing deposits of previously used formulations.

Unique tank cleaner, inactivator, degrader and descaling. 

1) Inactivator and partial or total degrader of phytosanitary products.
2) Descaling and remover of phytosanitary residues.
3) Emulsifier and dispersant.
4) Ligier Clean is detersive, therefore it has a great capacity as a cleaner.



When using LIGIER CLEAN the sprayer must not contain phytosanitary products inside.

1) Add 1 liter of LIGIER CLEAN in 300-400 liters of water to the sprayer tank and activate the remote.

2) Activate the sprayer for a moment to start the spray in a resting state. With the objective that LIGIER CLEAN acts on the elements of the bar of the sprayer.

3) Remove the tablets and filters, clean them correctly so that there are no residues.

4) Leave LIGIER CLEAN on for 30 minutes.

5) Empty the sprayer by the peaks and deposit the wastewater correctly.

6) Add water to the sprayer tank and spray it through the spouts to rinse.